War and Diplomacy

The Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 and the Treaty of Berlin

Армия и Реформы

Османский опыт модернизации

The Turco-Persian Boundary Question

A Case Study in the Politics of Boundary-Making in the Near and Middle East

Germany, Turkey and Armenia

A Selection of documentary evidence relating to the Armenian Atrocities from German and other sources

The Warrior Diplomats

Guardians of the National Security and Modernization of Turkey

The Eastern Question

A Study in International Relations

Turkish Diplomacy 1918-1923

Mustafa Kemal and the Turkish National Movement

Палестинский Узел

К вопросу об урегулировании Палестинской проблемы

Страны Персидского Залива

Иммиграция и классовая структура 50-80-е годы