Weary Policeman

American Power in an age of austerity

From Paris To Sevres

The Partition of the Ottoman Empire
at the Peace Conference of 1919-1920

Conditions In The Near East

Report Of The American Military Mission To Armenia

Address Of President Wilson

Delivered in New York City
September 27, 1918 (1918)

Struggle For Justice

A Story Of The American Committee For The
Independence Of Armenia 1915-1920

Two Peacemakers in Paris

The Hoover-Wilson post-Armistice letters 1918-1920

The Inquiry

American Preparations
For Peace, 1917-1919

Aftermath of War

Bainbridge Colby and Wilsonian Diplomacy 1920-1921

American-Turkish Claims Settlement

Under the Agreement of December 24, 1923, and Supplemental Agreements between the United States and Turkey
Opinions and Reports

Treaties Defeated by the Senate

A study of the struggle between President and Senate over the Conduct of Foreign Relations