The Encyclopedia of Missions

Descriptive, historical, biographical, statistical
Second edition

A Wealth of Ideas

Revelations from the Hoover Institution Archives

The Foreign Affairs 50-year bibliography

New Evaluations of Significant books on International Relations 1920-1970

US Foreign Relations

Volume 6 in the American Government and History
Information Guide Series

The Inquiry Handbooks

Volume 15
Basic Patent and Trade-Mark Laws of the Principal Belligerent Powers together with War Legislation, Ordinances, and Edicts since August 1, 1914, to January 1, 1919 affecting Patents, Trade-Marks, and Designs

Forms of Address

Honours, orders, decorations, medals
religious orders, academic degree, diplomas,
licentiates, academic and professional associations
in Canada, Great Britain, USA

The Inquiry Handbooks

Volume 10
The Extent of the Marginal Sea

The Inquiry Handbooks

Volume 6
The Constitutions of the States at War 1914-1918