At the Edge of the State

Indigenous Peoples and Self-Determination

The Secret Treaties And Understandings

Text of the available documents
with introductory comments
and explanatory notes

The Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict

Commentary on the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and Its Protocol, Signed on 14 May, 1954 in the Hague, and on Other Instruments of International law concerning such protection

Law Among Nations

An Introduction to Public International Law
Second Edition

Defining International Agression

The Search For World Peace
A Documentary History and Analysis

World Politics

At the End of the Nineteenth Century

The Protection Of Minorities

The Working and Scope of Minorities
Treaties under the League of nations

the Middle East and North Africa in World Politics

A Documentary Record
second Edition, Revised and Enlarged
Volume 1 European Expansion, 1535-1914

Treaty of Peace with Turkey

Signed at Sevres, August 10, 1920
The Frontier between Armenia and Turkey
As decided by President Woodrow Wilson
November 22, 1920

Soviet Treaty Series

A collection of Bilateral treaties, agreements and conventions, etc.,
Concluded between the Soviet Union and Foreign Powers
Volume 1 (1917-1928)

Treaty of peace with Turkey

Signed at Sevres, August 10, 1920
with maps

treaties entered into force in 1920

Treaty of Versailles, Treaty of Sevres, Soviet-Lithuanian Peace Treaty, Covenant of the League of Nations

Post-War Treaties For The Pacific Settlement Of international Disputes

A Compilation and analysis of treaties of investigation,
conciliation, arbitration, and compulsory adjudication,
concluded during the first decade following the
World War

The Treaty of St. Germain

A Documentary History of Its
Territorial and Political Clauses