A Dictionary of English Law

Part I and II
Published in 1882,London, Endland

Consolidated Index

Survey Of International Affairs
Consolidated Index
To The Survey Of
International Affairs
And Documents On International Affairs

Brierly's law of Nations

An Introduction to the Role of International Law in International Relations
Seventh edition

The World After The peace Conference

Being An Epilogue To The "History Of The
Peace Conference Of Paris" And A Prologue To The "Survey Of International Affairs,

On the Interpretation of Treaties

The Modern International Law as Expressed
in the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law
of Treaties

Treaty Interpretation

The Oxford International Law Library

Introduction To The Law Of Treaties

A Publication of the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva

Ethnic Self-determination and the Break-up of States

ADELPHI paper. 283
The power of ethnic separatism and international responses to creating new states, redrawing international borders and salvaging failed states

Full Powers and Ratification

A study in the
development of treaty-making procedure